10 Best Webinar Software for WordPress Users

In a world where there is an increase in demand for the digital ecosystem, especially online live streaming or webinars that make a unique space in this domain, one seeks to get a robust online platform to access important content. Video content delivery is one of the most viable solutions for providing visuals from a distant or remote place. It is increasing its outreach by gaining more audience with time. Hence, it decreases the cost of organizing summits or seminars at a specific location. So, it makes webinar a quite fascinating and feasible alternative when there is a need to grow the businesses during an on-going crisis. However, many organizations have understood that such situations can arise at any moment. The only way to cope up with those scenarios is deterrence and risk management. But, there is an online platform on which one can host webinars. Let’s know more about the 10 best webinar software for WordPress users.


Livestorm is one of the most desired online platforms that deserves to be part of the 10 best webinar software for WordPress users. It is because it doesn’t let the users download the software and use it on the online platform. Users can prefer Livestorm who does not need an offline version of the webinar software. Livestorm can host up to 1000 members in a live video webinar. The best part with Livestorm that makes it ideal to use in businesses for video conferencing is sending the data to any software or CRM-based platforms. Hence, Livestorm today has more than 3000 clients, including Verizon, Intercom, etc. During the live video webinars, it helps build live chats, make polls, questions and leverage the viewers’ engagement.


GoToWebinar is another fascinating and viewer engaging tool that builds around advanced technology of video streaming. Designed with high-security algorithms, it enhances the trust of the users. Every year, GoToWebinar hosts around 2.7 million webinars. It has a high capacity to accommodate up to 100K people in a webinar or a video meeting. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable platforms for the big businesses house when they are conducting their annual general meetings. Like many other platforms, GoToWebinar can organize polls and live-results during a webinar to make it more lively for the viewers. To enhance the marketing automation, GoToWebinar comes with API libraries that can integrate with CRM software. Thus, the organizer can make attendee reports and event analytics to understand the viewers’ mindset and thought process.


As the name depicts, there is nothing like stealth technology used in the webinar software. Let US defense and other sovereign governments use this technology for their defense advancement. However, StealthSeminar uses different tactics to ensure that the user builds confidence to use StealthSeminar software. It has provided case studies about the users who have generated success and leads using the StealthSeminar platform. Hence, for them, StealthSeminar has come up as a wealth-creation seminar. StealthSeminar offers to create four types of webinars, including automated, live YouTube, hybrid, and dedicated replay. Among these, automated webinars are convenient where the presenter may feel more comfortable to hold the nerves and present their entire session in a better way. So, this platform has the capability to build a better image of any user.


The one video streaming platform that offered the most constructive tool in recent times is Zoom. Zoom has really zoomed its caricature. It is because Zoom is offering a better interactive platform with webinars having the facility of screen sharing as a feature. Hence, Zoom is a market of immersive experiences. It has compelled even one of the largest research and advisory organizations like Gartner to give thumbs up for their functionality. Zoom can organize a video summit with 1000 participants and 10000 viewers. One of Zoom’s best features is that it allows the users to promote attendees to be panelists and join the conversation or current discourse in a live video meeting. Zoom provides smooth integration with WordPress websites through WPForms and Automator plugin to register in Zoom webinars. The way Zoom carries out such functionality brings it on the list of 10 best webinar software for WordPress users.


Demio is another suitable tool that lets the user use the webinar platform without even downloading the same. Many may think that it may create a hindrance in joining the attendees in a stipulated time. But, that’s not the case with Demio. Demio offers more campaigns like a hybrid, live, series, automated, and on-demand. The UI provides the most pleasant themes that give a positive vibe and can attract users to use the platform. It empowers users to handle both public and private chat. It is very handy for users in terms of not leaving the presentation room and uploading the essential documents, files, and other content during the session.


EasyWebinar is another glittering star of webinar platforms. It has the power to deliver high-quality video content with low or zero latency. There’s also a window open for real-time chat, multiple presenters, recording the video, and making an archive of it. EasyWebinar provides a feature named EasyCast that helps live-stream simultaneously on different social media platforms, including Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It lets the user customize the webinar templates so that they can match the brand theme and style of any business firm. Hence, EasyWebinar is most suitable for the startups who are more into searching for investments and funds by pitching their ideas in front of venture capital specialists.


Webex is a Cisco-developed video streaming platform that enhances seamless integration and collaboration. The name Cisco makes sure that it is on the list of 10 best webinar software for WordPress users. Cisco does not just bring recognition, but it also adds high-level security and privacy in the webinar software, Webex. It is because of the adoption of compliance-based safety regulations that build upon zero-trust encryption principles across meetings. Apart from this, features like end-to-end encryption ensure that there is data loss prevention. It also helps to secure the identity of the user. Another innovative facet with Webex is the Webex Control Hub. This tool allows real-time troubleshooting with enhanced analytics and granular policy for performance optimization.


ReadyTalk has been one of the most commonly used webinar software in the USA. It is because of its compatibility in terms of supporting different operating system platforms. Hence, one can download ReadyTalk on Android and iOS smartphones and Mac and Windows running on computers and laptops. One can get plugins for Mac and Windows systems. It has the capability to schedule meetings using the Microsoft Outlook platform. ReadyTalk comes with a rich set of integrations by collaborating with tools like Microsoft Lync, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, etc. However, before thinking about using it for the devices, the users must check the system requirements. Delivering such features lets ReadyTalk be part of the 10 best webinar software for WordPress users.


GetResponse is basically a type of email marketing tool that has recently embedded the webinar software in its infrastructure. At a time, almost a thousand attendees can watch the webinar. GetResponse helps to generate polls and surveys during the webinar session. It provides interactive whiteboards to elaborate some of the content in more detail. There is an option to run automated nurturing campaigns to promote the special offers for marketing programs. To get more attendees and new subscribers, GetResponse offers OptinMonster popups integration.


As per their name, this webinar software seems to claim that they can deliver the best platform where users can conduct various video meetings and webinars. AnyMeeting is like the juggernaut of a webinar platform that enhances the productivity of any video session through facilities like integrated audio options, screen sharing, high-definition cameras, and fetching any video meeting’s transcript. Hence, it has a speech-to-text engine as an application that can design and develop any session transcripts. AnyMeeting ensures that it integrates with applications, including G-Suite, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, etc. Therefore, AnyMeeting is one of the ideal candidates that are perfect for getting a seat in the list of 10 best webinar software for WordPress users.

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