10 Best WordPress Themes of 2021

2021 has brought the baggage of new opportunities. The pandemic has made humanity learn that there is a need for digital platforms that can increase the outreach of any information or service. Hence, an online platform has the capability to bring creative disruption. These online platforms can emerge in the form of websites, blogs, etc. Today, many organizations support online features to develop websites and blogs using elegant and beautiful themes. WordPress is one of the renowned figures in this market. WordPress holds the usage of around thirty-nine percent of the entire internet and data consumption as per the recent report. WordPress’s high capacity-building measures bring a rich set of themes to compel 400 million users to visit their platform every month. So, what can make a user’s developed platform attractive will be part of a discourse in this article. Let’s explore the 10 best WordPress themes of 2021.


Divi allows the visitors and WordPress users to get a great range of pre-arranged and assembled layouts that are very simple and hold no complexity. Thus, most users can use it to design and develop information-based blogs or simple static websites that need hardly any changes. It has an advanced visual website builder technology to create superior online platforms. It happens because it inculcates an advanced level of editors by replacing the conventional WordPress editors. Hence, Divi lets the users get responsive websites that are highly creative and gives an impressive outlook. Options like custom CSS control and design options galore make Divi stand unique and distinct.


Astra, as the name suggests, gives the feeling like a weapon. So, this is the case with this WordPress theme. It renders all the elementary weapons in terms of website building a user requires. Astra is like a tool that helps the user develop and customize websites without codes. Features like pre-built websites decrease the website development time. It happens by using pixel-perfect ready-to-use demo websites from Astra’s library as starter templates. Apart from this, Astra lets the user get on the driving seat and control the design of the user’s blogs and other archive pages. Hence, Astra helps manage the width, layout, content, and meta part of any website. Hence, Astra gets its rightful place in the ten best WordPress themes of 2021.


Many may think about Voldemort’s pet magical spell (‘Avada Kedavra’) from the name. But, Avada can offer heart-throbbing themes that can attract users. It is because of these themes that make Avada a killer giant in terms of competition with its counterparts. Avada brings the following features that are distinguishing and unique in every form, like the Dynamic Content system enhancing web development flexibility. There are more than fifty pre-built websites designed to trigger the stimulation of creativity induction. Also, it has high responsiveness with e-commerce friendly functionality due to WooCommerce. Elements like speed optimization allow faster loading of the webpages. Designing the elements and adding widgets that bring rapidness to website development.


It seems like Uncode works on the principle of “the name speaks everything.” Uncode can be handy in terms of designing an online store from scratch and a customized layout. Uncode can build such websites with the help of WooCommerce Custom Builder. This tool, along with other e-commerce plugins, makes it relatively easy to design such a niche for a website. But, to create such websites, there is a demand for excellent and pleasant UI. It can come up only with the advanced features of front-end development. Uncode understands the importance and offers an enhanced front-end editor to build alluring widgets and elements. Thus, Uncode deserves the position in the 10 best WordPress themes of 2021.


Ever watched WWE? Because if you have watched, you may remember Rey Mysterio. The perfect American wrestler who was dynamic in terms of flexible moves and surprises. The same is the case with Rey. Rey has adopted features like API tools and other third-party integrations to render more effective and functional websites. Many may think that such integrations come at the cost of rigorous innovation and design codes. But, that is not the case with Rey. Hence, Rey can be suitable for those who are currently making a blueprint of a blog and e-commerce shops.


The ‘X’ factor in any element can change the course of anything. When it adds to the WordPress themes, it can bring outstanding features. XStore is the heavy-lift champion that has a sophisticated collection of themes to design any website in a completely different way. XStore has more than three hundred and fifty sections, elementor, and WPBakery support. Thus, many new premium WP plugins get operational support from XStore. So, all such powerful tools allow the XStore to be part of the ten best WordPress themes of 2021.


OceanWP opens the oceanic volume of features that brings fascinating animations to develop beautiful websites. It can attract users right from their homepage. The best part about OceanWP is the import of website demo templates to use the Ocean Extra or Ocean Pro Demos module. Apart from this, OceanWP offers premium extensions through its core extensions bundle. OceanWP claims that the websites and blogs developed under the flagship of OceanWP takes the smallest timespan to load any website. This organization renders built-in SEO features that are prerequisites of digital marketing platforms. Another facet of OceanWP that gives an edge over other WordPress themes is the support for RTL language.

Twenty Twenty-One

This theme seems like living in an anachronistic world. The name keeps the coordination with the new year but tries to revive the artistic view of Berthe Morisot. However, all that website developers and hobbyists want are beautiful and elegant themes. Twenty Twenty-One empowers the users to build a complete canvas from their websites. However, the only difference is that the canvas formation is due to the block editors provided by Twenty Twenty-One and not by paintbrushes. Twenty Twenty-One holds the magic to carve and upgrade the entire portfolio of any website through large chunks of UI elements and widgets. It is one of the most followed platforms in recent times. Thus, Twenty Twenty-One makes its own space in the ten best WordPress themes of 2021.


Salient allows the users and hobbyists to make the first best impression on any website for its visitors. From front-end editing to delivering more than 330 templates, advanced typography with more than 900 fonts, to user-friendly demo import, Salient carries a plethora of wide range of features that none of its fans can ever count. As per the recommendations, Salient is highly useful that one can utilize to build robust blogs. Some can think that due to all these features, Salient can let the users think to strike a balance between the features and speed optimization of a website. But, Salient has offered high performance in terms of website speed optimization.


Typer is one of the most preferred platforms for bloggers to create a multi-authored blog network. According to Typer, a user only needs to bolster the network and the rest Typer can handle at its end. The theme around which Typer got developed works on the mobile-first design approach. It seems quite sensible as it complies with Google’s changing algorithms that place mobile-first sites during a search query. The support from Gutenberg editor allows the users to build stunning blogs and websites. It works as a social platform that builds updates around the feeds and activities. Hence, typer can allow anyone to become a new Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg. So, Typer must be part of the 10 best WordPress themes of 2021.

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