Apple Might Install LiDAR Scanner to the Whole iPhone 13 Series

Apple is likely to bring the whole new iPhone 13 series with LiDAR scanners. Previously, we heard that Apple might install this technology in the Pro iPhone models, but now it seems that it might also release the regular handsets with LiDAR tech. According to DigiTimes, the company might launch the upcoming iPhone 13 series with LiDAR scanners.

Some reports suggest LiDAR technology will be available to Android phones, but Apple might also get this technology on its 2021 iPhone handsets.

So now it’s clear that forthcoming iPhone handsets will also introduce LiDAR, and it doesn’t matter what model you select. According to a report, Apple has signed a deal to get LiDAR scanners for its handsets until 2023. This shows that Apple will utilize this technology in the upcoming smartphones. Not only that, but it also suggests that Apple will utilize this technology in all of its upcoming phones.

LiDAR- What is It?

It is a light recognition and ranging technology, and it helps measure the distance between the objects and the phone. It does have a sensor technology that uses laser light to identify the distance between the device and the object. It lets the user scan their surroundings and create 3D virtual variants of literal life objects. It is extremely fast and accurate since it uses the most complex sensors that augment reality effectively.

Other than Augmented reality programs, this LiDAR scanner technology also provides crystal clear focus on your iPhone camera. So, as you can see, besides creating 3D objects, it also improves your iPhone’s camera quality. When it comes to photography, this technology augments whatever your camera has. If your camera is a little weak in capturing low-light photos, it can improve its low light photos significantly as it can scan surroundings to create better images. It helps the camera understand the 3D objects better. Therefore, this technology can totally change the photography feature on upcoming iPhones.

We would love to see this on our iPhone and use it to scan and create 3D objects virtually. It also improves the shooting mode in wide or ultra-wide back cameras.

As per Bloomberg, the company might be planning two different AR products to launch in the coming days. The company might also release new digital glasses, which will need an iPhone to work, and it will work as a stand-alone headset.

Apple undoubtedly offers the best technology company globally as it develops innovative products and gadgets more efficiently than other brands. The LiDAR technology in the upcoming iPhones is proof of that.

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