How to Add New Authors and Users in WordPress

The network in every WordPress blog can be enhanced by increasing the number of authors and users. When you add more authors to the WordPress blog, you get write-ups in large volumes to publish. Ultimately, it gains more and more readers. WordPress has an in-built management system that allows users to increase the outreach they want. But, how can you add more authors or users? Is it challenging to create new users? Is it possible for the admin to add the power or privileges so the new entrants can go through the posts? You will find all the answers in this article.

Add New Author or User

You can add a new author or user to your WordPress blogging network for a  specific blog in these three ways. These three methods are:-

  • You can create paid membership during registration for the users.
  • You can manually add the users from the side of the admin.
  • Allow the users to register their profile on the website.

Register a User for Free

A WordPress admin has the option to allow the users to create their accounts. You can follow the below-given steps:-

  • Login to the admin account on WordPress
  • Then, click on the Settings option.
  • Tap on the option “General.”
  • Search for the check box ” Anyone can register.”
  • Click on the same check box to ensure this specific feature with the admin’s website or blog.
  • The users should understand that in the beginning, every new user gets the role of the subscriber.  If the admin is willing to change the new user’s privileges and position, then it can be done by tapping on the drop-down menu.
  • Last, click on the button ” Save changes” appearing in the admin account’s Settings section on WordPress.

The admins should allow the users to register as contributors or subscribers. If the admin allows any user to become an author, the new entrant can post whatever he likes without approval. Besides, the admin portal should not be used by the admin as default settings.

Create Paid Membership

A paid membership is the most influential membership as it allows to add serious members to the WordPress blogging network. Plus, the users get the opportunity to generate revenue from the blog or website. Additionally, it allows the publishing of content and premium content of only paid members. To allow for this, the users will need to seek MemberPress, the membership extension on WordPress. It will enable the admin to add flexible and smooth functionality. Some other features of this plugin that can make it much more beneficial include:-

  • Locking specific articles and posts of the blog or website accessible to paid and registered members.
  • Creating levels of access by offering gold,  silver, and diamond membership.
  • Selling group membership.
  • Quantitative analysis and reports to track the number of members, viewers, and average member lifetime, and many more for better insights on published articles and posts.

Adding Users Manually

The admin can quickly add new authors or users to the blog network manually. Being the admin, all that you need to do is to:

  • Click on the portal of WordPress admin. Visit the Users section and click on the Add New page in the specific area of WordPress admin.
  • After that, Fill the form for the new user or author.
  • You have to enter the required information such as your mailing address, passwords, URL of the website and first name, and last name. If the users want to create a new and strong password, they can use the WordPress password generator.
  • At last, select the role that the admin is willing to provide to the user.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Add New User’ option.

You can grow your business and touch new heights if you know how to enhance the networks. Adding new authors and users undoubtedly plays a crucial role in grooming your blogs and websites through various articles and posts. Among the three options that WordPress offers, allowing admin to create accounts for users and authors, a paid membership is the most lucrative one that can help you to boost your revenue immediately. The other two methods are also good and suitable in every way for the users who don’t wish for a paid membership.

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