Instagram Stories Background Color: Why Is So Hard to Change

The Settings for Instagram stories are easy to manage; however, many users don’t know how to change the background color of the Instagram Stories.

The Stories feature on Instagram is considered excellent; however, changing its background color is still obscure for many users. There are many tools present in the latest Instagram Story feature settings that allow its users to add images, insert stickers, customize text, and many more. But, changing the background color is not as simple as it should be. Although the tool may not appear out front with other Stories’ customization tools, still the users can follow a simple process to change the background color of a Story to their desired one.

Instagram has provided various options that allow users to create a Story on the app. First, they can tap on tap on the Home icon appearing at the taskbar’s left corner at the bottom. It will allow you to access the user’s feed. This is the place where the users can see stories and posts from those users who they follow. When the user goes to the left corner at the top, the user’s profile picture appears with a plus sign in blue color labeled as ‘Your Story,’ tapping on the button will take you directly to the creation page of Story.

Another route that the video-sharing app provides is accessing either the profile or main feed. Here, you will have to click on the plus sign visible in the top right corner. These options give users so many ways to create what they want but being an Instagram user; you can click on the option visible at the taskbar’s bottom right to switch to the Story tools.

Once you have accessed the Story feature on Instagram, you can go ahead to create whatever you like. The default settings present in Instagram Stories take users directly to the option to capture a picture. But you can upload an existing image from your camera roll through the icon visible at the bottom left, displaying your latest photo’s miniature version on your phone. Alternatively, suppose you want to straight transition into inserting stickers and text on a screen. In that case, you can click on the icon visible on the left side of the taskbar displaying an ‘Aa.’  The symbol stands for Create Mode that the user can use to ask a question, add a text, insert a countdown, create a poll, and add stickers, among many other things. However, while going to Create Mode, the users may notice that the options to change the background are limited. Plus, they will find no visible options to change the background color when they upload any image.

Instagram Story Background Color: How to Change It?

If you want to change the color of your Instagram Stories, then, first of all, search for the Pen feature. Now, you have to tap on the button visible as ‘Aa’ to reach Create Mode. Further, access the additional tools by clicking on the large ‘Aa’ button appearing at the bottom. When looking at the top right corner, the users will see a symbol similar to a wavy line. Once you tap on the button, the pen tolls will instantly pop up. Here, the users can choose from the various options of colors appearing at the bottom screen.

When the users will tap and hold on to one of the colors’ options, it will allow them to drag their figure along and pick a more precise color from the additional toolbar appearing to them. Once you choose your desired color, you can press and hold the screen until it changes to the color you have chosen. Now, the user can see that the background color has been changed to what they want.

On the contrary, if you will not go directly into Create Mode, you can upload your photo first. Here, you will notice that the background color of your story will change automatically to match the background color of your uploaded image. You can follow the exact instructions to change the background color, including searching for the Tool, choosing the desired color, and then tapping and holding on to the screen. Once this is completed, the photo will disappear from the screen, compelling you to re-upload your image into your story. Whether it is uploading a photo first or going to Create Mode, both options are feasible if you want to access the pen tool. It will entirely depend on the process you will choose.

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