Set Your Google Ads Budget: Here’s How

When you ask how much Google ads cost or, most significantly, how much you should spend Google ads, you will undoubtedly get different users’ answers. It’s a reasonable question that everyone asks and most specifically newcomers. After all, all those new to Google advertising are probably most interested to know how much they may need to spend on advertising on Google and whether they can afford it or not. However, there is a clear-cut answer to this question. In this article, we will give some useful details that can help you set your budget for Google ads.

Google Ads: How Much Do These Cost You?

As per Google, the users can spend as much or as little they wish on Google Ads. However, it’s not clear how much exactly that ads will cost you. The answer to this particular concern is discussed in this article, but you need to understand how Google ads budget works before that. The users can set a lifetime or a daily budget for their campaign within Google ads. They can do it regardless of Google ads cost.

Daily Budget

For example, if the users want to spend $ 400 on Google ads every month, they can set a $ 40 budget daily. It means when this $40 budget set daily will exhaust; then your ads will stop appearing. 

Lifetime Budget

The feature allows the users to put in their total spending for a specific campaign. For example, suppose you wish to run an ad for a particular holiday or a particular time. In that case, you can use this feature to enter your overall budget for a particular campaign. Once your set budget is exhausted, your ads will be stopped appearing on Google.

Google Ads: Their True Cost

If you want to understand the real cost of Google ads, you need to know how Google charges various advertisers. The most common way that Google adopts is PPC or pay-per-click basis. With the PPC feature, you will only be charged when someone will click on your posted ads. No clicks mean no pay. In simple terms, it means that if 2,000 viewers saw your ad and even not even a single person clicked on it, then you don’t need to pay a single penny to Google. It also means that if 2,000 viewers clicked on your ad, then you will need to pay the cost associated with each click.

For example, if every click costs $ 5, you will need to pay $ 10,00 for 2,00 clicks. Here, a common question occurs that what will happen if the number of clicks will exceed what they can afford. Here, you don’t need to be worried. You can set a daily budget to control your costs.

When you select a daily budget, your ads will be stopped appearing once your budget will be exhausted. Another concern that is most common among Google ads users is the cost per click.

How You Can Get an Idea About Your Cost Per Click

Here, the users need to understand that cost per click varies on the keywords that they target. You can understand this with these two examples where the cost per click is different based on different keywords, such as the average CPC for the keyword “landscaping company” is $3.52. In contrast, it is $400.00 for the keyword “car accident lawyer.” The massive difference among the CPC of different keywords is visible here. When you look at CPC costs, you need to keep their lifetime value in your mind.

The right PPC agency can help you the best in your keyword research and identify the most suitable keywords to target based on effectiveness and cost. However, you can also use Google Ads keyword planner and do your keywords research without paying any fee.

Google Ads: How Much You Should Spend?

Setting a budget for your Google ads is very much like a double-edged sword. If you do not get enough clicks, then there are enough chances you will not generate conversions. On the contrary, when you spend too much money, it will risk you wasting a lot of money without getting satisfactory results. Here, you need to take a very balanced approach, i.e., spending enough capital to generate 100 clicks at first. It can appear different for every business based on the average cost-per-click in the industry. Generally, you need to spend about $600 every month at a minimum for most industries.

When you generate the first 100 clicks, then analyze the performance of your campaign and optimize it. After that, you can spend enough to develop your 100 clicks the second time. Here, you again need to analyze the performance of your campaign and optimize it. The same procedure you need to follow when you generate your 100  clicks the third time. Further, you need to look at your conversions and continue making tweaks to your campaigns to increase them.

How to Reduce Your Costs on Google Ads

The users can reduce the costs on the Google ads increasing their quality score. Your quality score includes the things like your ad relevance, click-through rate, and landing page experience. Working on these points will help you boost your return on ad spend.

When thinking about Google ads cost, you should remember that Google uses to charge you the cost per click. It means your price on ads will vary based on the exact keywords you have chosen. So, it is essential to select the right keywords which require in-depth research.  When you need to choose between spending less and spending more, you always spend more to bring you more opportunities.

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