The Critical PPC Trends to Watch For in 2021

The year 2021 is essential for marketers and advertisers as they are going to witness a new set of PPC trends. These recent trends will help them to get more conversions and generate more leads. Here are some of these trends for you.

The year 2020 witnessed a massive change in every walk of life due to the pandemic. With the governments in every country forced to implement social distancing and lockdown, companies and people all had to change their way of living in many ways. Companies shifted remote working culture, and people started using online channels more and more for shopping and turned to video conversations for in-person conversations. These changes were not limited to only companies and people, but you can also see them in the marketing and advertising field. Marketers started using artificial intelligence and automation to create ads backed by accurate data. They put all their efforts into understanding the buyers’ journey and make the most out of it.

Here are three trends of PPC that you can see prevailing in this year, 2021.

The Ad Data Hub of Google Will Make its Huge Impression

In the year 2020, Google announced that it had stopped allowing third parties pixel tracking. At the same time,  the search giant held security concerns the most significant reason behind it. This reliance on third parties’ pixels to check metrics of YouTube compelled Google to introduce Ads Data Hub. Ads Data Hub is a custom analysis aligning your specific goals with data while maintaining security and privacy.

Marketers can use it to analyze and measure the effectiveness of their advertisements across various screens comprehensively. It will be proved as the gold mine for the marketers as it can give specific insight into the behaviors of the customers and how they interact with their ads.

Understanding the Journey of the Buyers

If you want to make your PPC campaign a huge success, then you have to know how your customers behave to the ad in their every journey. When you understand the buyers’ journey at each stage, it helps you make your PPC campaign more effective. For your convenience, we have discussed the five stages of the buyer’s journey, and how being the marketer, you can make the most out of it.

Stage One: Awareness

In his first stage, customers learn about your offerings and business. Here, you can’t precisely define their needs as they look for the answers to their questions and look for someone who can solve their queries.

How Can You Help them?

You can help your customers figure out their needs and align your products and offerings as per their requirements. Using keywords and branded paid ads will help you to garner the attention of your customers. When you the same keywords they use in their queries on the search engine, it stirs curiosity in them, compelling them to know more about your offerings and brand.

Stage Two: Exploration

In this stage, you will find customers who know their exact needs and ways to cater to them. They may deem you as their solution provider and check the reviews, USP, previous partnerships, and social proof of your company.

How Can You Help Them?

The exploration stage helps you to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers while engaging with them. To engage them, you can use lead ads on Facebook to address your customers’ problems and write a conversational copy having a case study and social proof. These actions will inculcate a sense of trust for you in them. They will soon start exploring your offerings and products.

Stage Three: Comparison

In this stage, the customer began to understand the reviews, ratings, and pricing points and started comparing different products. Here, your remarketing PPC ads can prove invaluable as you can evoke your customer to embed your cookie and click on your ad.

Stage Four: Conversion

Here, the customers have narrowed down their needs and prepare to buy the exact product. This is the opportunity to encourage your customers to buy your products by putting a strong call to action in your product advertisements. When you place a call of action at this stage, it compels your customers to buy your products.

Stage Five: Re-engagement

In this stage, your prospects have been turned into your customers. So, it becomes crucial for you to retain them. To retain your customers, you will need to segment your customers into a new audience while using remarketing ads to attract them to your other products and offerings. Understanding each stage of your buyer’s journey will help you create a solid PPC campaign.

Automation is Going to Play a Crucial Role

If we consider the market research done by Statista, it is believed that automation’s market size will increase from 71.5 percent to 83.2 percent globally by 2021. Hence, it can be said that automation can be a game-changing trend this year. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, advertisers can conveniently automate finding the right place for displaying advertisements, which is a labor-intensive task. Automation can be used to optimize ads that include:

  • Finding the best strategy for bidding.
  • Creating bids to achieve the maximum conversions.
  • Enhancing cost per click-through ad auctions.
  • Monitoring the performance of the ads and stopping low-performing ads.
  • Prioritizing the ads generating top results.
  • Generating dynamic ads using website content and user behavior.
  • Generating dynamic reports on ad performance.
  • Generating advertisement data and creating ad copies for generating the maximum clicks.

As artificial intelligence learns more about the behaviors of audiences and the ways they interact with your ads, it can create ads accurately and enhance the performance of your PPC campaign.

As a marketer and an advertiser, you need to incorporate PPC trends in your marketing strategy to get the best results. In 2021, you know automation and artificial intelligence will take the front seat. There will be a massive surge in video ads based on virtual reality. Marketers and advertisers will also start looking for several alternate platforms for PPC campaigns: LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, and many more in 2021 to get better ROI.

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